GVH-144 Fucking a sexy female swimming teacher

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Summer swimming camp. Under the clear blue sky, the lesson should have been exciting, but two students Shota and Chibisuke skipped swimming and chased the beautiful buttocks of the beautiful coach "Ema". "Ema" scolds the two of them for running out of patience, but is then fiercely counterattacked by Shota and the others. One day, Chibisuke suddenly drowned during class and "Ema" came to the rescue. I was accused of something and I was toyed with by two people, and in the end I even had sex. "Ema" was like that, but that night, she took action to comfort her aching and burning body. Before going home on the last day, the commotion begins with a certain wish...? The comic version "Shota-kun's H Mischief" is now available on the e-book platform!

GVH-144 Fucking a sexy female swimming teacher

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